“We have been using Yalgoo Rams for the last 60 years. They are large framed sheep with an abundance of superfine wool.

Yalgoo sheep will not let you down. They are as good as you will find”

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“We have been increasing whole farm net profits by reducing micron, increasing clean fleece weights per hectare and complimented recently with excellent lamb mutton prices. This has come about by various management strategies, the key one being genetics.

We have sourced pure Yalgoo genetics for sixteen years for this very reason and are very happy to continue to do so.”

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“For more than 25 years we have been buying Yalgoo rams for our superfine merino flock because they are well grown, plain bodied sheep that produce plenty of bright, stylish wool. 

Their genetics have performed very well for us in local wether trials, and most importantly, in the wool auction room.

We also appreciate that the stud is at the forefront of performance recording and testing heritability of commercial traits such as worm resistance.”

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