Reference Sires

Name: Yalgoo 000420

Without doubt the most influential sire we have used. He has been so productive that our biggest concern has been trying to limit in-breeding due to the heavy use of sons in the flock. A breed legend that will improve all the economically important traits simultaneously. 420 has been used nationwide, he has high accuracies on all traits and has been identified by SGA as an “extreme” sire for WEC and SS. His progeny are heavy cutting and have productive bold crimping wool. 420 has over 1300 progeny recorded on the SGA data base. Progeny are still relevant. High accuracy sire. (Limited semen Available)

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Yalgoo 000071

71 was the ultimate wool sheep. Extremely consistent for producing bulky, stylish and elite fine wools. He had a tremendous tops to culls rate and his ewes formed the back bone of the Yalgoo flock through the fine wool boom days.

Pedigree: [ click here ]

Name: Yalgoo 030068

A big framed, fault-free ram. 68 was the first of the 68s, a tag number that has produced a significant legacy at Yalgoo. 68 ewes were heavy cutting and again had an excellent tops to culls rate. We chose 68 as the sire to breed most of our Tasmanian studs ewes to at the start of the Yalgoo-Ashby venture. This gave us a consistent and safe ewe base to start from.

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