Product Assurance

Yalgoo strives to offer a complete program. We offer industry best protocols regarding Data Integrity, Stuctural QA and after sale client service.

Data Integrity

Our herd enjoys a high degree of performance predictability as a result of accurate BREEDPLAN EBVs. This is due to extensive testing in the following traits:

  • ALL stud calves are weighed at Birth, increasing the accuracy of their birth weight EBV.
  • ALL stud bulls and heifers are weighed for 200, 400 and 600 day weight. Steers are weighed and recorded until they are sold. By weighing all animals we are increasing the information nucleus on each dam and creating greater herd linkage which increases BREEDPLAN accuracies.
  • ALL stud heifers and bulls (since 1972) have been scanned for EMA, fat depth and IMF (since 2000). Therefore our sale bulls have more accurate carcase EBVs and we are maximising the carcase information from our herd, allowing us to achieve more rapid genetic progress in carcase traits.

  • Mature cow weight is measured.
  • Independent phenotypic traits are measured including: Structure, Muscle scores & temperament.
  • Yalgoo was a co-operator herd in the across breed NFI trial work to develop an EBV for Net Feed Intake. AGBU is currently making modifications to the NFI analysis.
  • By sourcing Yalgoo genetics you can be assured that any current/future economically important EBV will be measured with the greatest care and submitted correctly.

Bull QA

The primary role of a bull is to get live calves at a reasonable cost. The cost of a calf sired is a direct result of the longevity of the bull and the price paid for the bull.

Factors influencing the longevity of a purchased bull are:

1.  Structural integrity
2.  Libido
3.  Pre-sale and post-sale management (incl. nutrition and disease management)

4.  Genetic merit of a bull
5.  Temperament
6.  Resilience

Bull failure through breakdown or infertility is a major industry issue. Bull failings industry wide are probably around the 30-40% per annum (independent study).

Problems often arise between the bull supplier and client as to compensation for a bull failure which is quickly compounded by empty cows.
At Yalgoo we are determined to offer industry best practise regarding BULL QA.

Our program is as follows:

  • INDEPENDENT STRUCTURAL ASSESSMENT: Bulls and females are independently assessed for structural soundness and temperament, by Dr. Phil Holmes and/or Jim Green.
  • NO HOOF TRIMMING: There has been no hoof trimming on Yalgoo for 20+ years.
  • VET CHECKED: All bulls are vet checked by Dr. Phil Holmes. Yalgoo sale criteria states that all bulls must measure 32 cm or larger for testicle circumference at 400 days. Hocks, feet, penis and jaw structure are also examined. All bulls are scored for testicle tone and any bulls with abnormalities are culled.
  • SERVING ABILITY: All Yalgoo bulls must pass a service ability test to ensure they can serve a cow before leaving Yalgoo.

  • FEEDBACK: We demand feedback. If a bull has broken down we encourage you to contact us and provide us with information on the age of breakdown and the reason for breakdown. It will allow us to collate data and further improve our Bull Quality Assurance.
  • GUARANTEE: Yalgoo bulls are guaranteed through negotiation. If a problem arises we will endeavour to reach a satisfactory outcome for both parties. As a rule, bull sale credits and refunds are available if the bull was proven to be ineffectual from purchase. Your most risk averse strategy to minimise economic fallout around bull failure is for your bull not to fail. Ensure your seedstock provider is doing everything they can to minimise bull breakdown!
  • INSURANCE: All Yalgoo bulls making $7,000 or more at the Yalgoo sale are automatically covered free on the fall of hammer for 6 months!

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